How to build a specialised marketing team in the MarTech era

We’re living in an increasingly automated world, with marketing technology growing even as you read this. So what’s a marketer to do in the age of bots, AI, and MarTech?

It’s time to take your marketing efforts in-house by assembling a team of specialists who have a keen understanding of the latest technology on the market. By doing so, you take the power of MarTech into your own hands and make it work for you.

Our new guide, Building the perfect marketing team in a world of bots, AI and MarTech, will get you started on assembling your A-players. 


Highlights Include:

  • A trip down marketing’s memory lane to see how technology has changed the landscape
  • How marketing technology is altering traditional responsibilities and creating new roles
  • A roll call for the internal team of today


Download our guide to start building the marketing team of tomorrow, today.